Dharma House RYS 200 HR

Yoga comes into our lives in may ways. We work with students at a variety of levels. Our goal is to cultivate yoga teachers through an education grounded in the traditional teachings of  yoga.

The 200hr program is where our students begin their journey to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Our teachings cover asanas, meditation, mudras, philosophy, history, and professionalism in the industry. We offer a comprehensive program to give our students the best foundation to go on and teach others the practice of yoga.

It is important to understand the Dharma House objectives, as they contain a strong inner work component.  Each of these objectives is first developed in you and from that point  you are able to bring them to your future students.  It is through direct experience that we transform ourselves and become equipped to guide and teach others to:

  • Have the knowledge of anatomy, proper alignment, and breath, to read physical and emotional limitations to the body, understand your students, and safely serve them.
  • Learn the skills needed to teach all levels of yoga through heartfelt teachings that create a total mind-body experience, using clear concise verbal cues and directions that allow the students to fully engage in their practice.
  • Understand the ancient yogic text and the deeper practices of yoga to build awareness deepen personal practice and become anchored in the yogic path by illuminating the inner nature with yoga wisdom.
  • Become a shining light in the yoga community through exemplary ethics and public service.